Indie Cool Winter Session at Federsee Maggie & Cisar

Whoop, whoop this cool indie winter session I did back in December at lake Federsee got featured on Hochzeitsguide. If you haven’t seen it yet, this shooting has also been chosen as one of their monthly favorites. Be wild. Be a free spirit. Be a cool couple. Yasss Yasss & Yasss. Sign me up for cool couple shootings & weddings like this. I’ve always been dreaming of a indie cool couple like these two. So much style, so much love for details…duuhh I’m totally thrilled by it. Wanna shot it over and over again, cause for me this is pure perfection from head to toe. [flo_instagram_follow label="Follow me" instagram_url="" ]   MerkenMerken MerkenMerken MerkenMerken MerkenMerkenMerkenMerken

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