A Love Story in Rimetea, Romania Karina & Denis

Oh Romania, you beautiful wild wild wild country. Oh what a wild & beautiful trip this has been, I will never forget. Though I’ve been born in Romania & lived there for 12 years & also got to see some of it’s beautiful places, I have never seen it through a camera lens as a photographer. Oh boy Romania has so many things to see & explore. I’ve seen Romania this time through a whole new perspective. I am so thankful that my photographer girls who opened their hearts for a whole new experience & decided to do this road trip through amazing Romania with me. Though it has been only one week, we have seen so much & explored so many beautiful places, some even seemed to be out of this world. Romania left us all speechless & surprised us with so many different experiences. I would have stayed another 4 weeks to soak it all in. Inspired & pumped by all these breathtaking places we decided to have a little couple shooting in the most beautiful little village in Romania at the feet of the Carpathian Mountains, ...

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