Norway Destination Wedding Jenny & Sondre

I lost my heart in Norway! 

Oh what an end of wedding season 2017 & I can’t believe I didn’t blog about this dream destination wedding in Norway yet.  This is gonna be a long one, so grab a glas of Gin Tonic & be prepared for a journey through amazing Norway. I’m sharing just a bunch of my favorites here which was nearly impossible to choose, because I love EVERY SINGLE PIC from this wedding. 

Jenny & Sondre’s wedding weekend started with a get together party at their new house near Bergen, Norway the evening before their wedding day.  As an international couple (Jenny from Germany, Sondre form Norway) who studied & felt in love with each other in San Francisco, they managed to built a very international crowd, who came to spend the whole weekend with them & celebrate their love.  

It was such an honor to be part of this international vibe & get to know all of their friends. 

As all of their friends stayed at the Skjelbreid Poirée, a cute lodge, near Eikelandsosen, Hordaland, which provides zip lines & a French climbing parc , their wedding day started with all guests sliding down the hill by zip line & going from one tree to another on various obstacles in the French climbing park. 

While Jenny was getting her hair & make-up done in their new house up on the hill with a breathtaking view over the Gjonavatnet lake, Sondre was having fun with the guests in the Norwegian nature. 

Their ceremony took place outside in the midst of nature at the Skjelbreid Poirée, all surrounded by the beautiful fall colors of Norway. 

Norwegian landscapes never disappoint. Not even shitty weather can destroy this beautiful place on earth. And if you followed me for some time you know I love bad weather & adventurous couples who don’t give a shit about thunderstorms & love to get crazy with me, like Jenny & Sondre, who didn’t give a damn about the rain & the cold on their wedding day. Instead they cuddled & kissed  a little bit more in the pouring rain & had the time of their lives.

As you may know or don’t, at Norwegian weddings, its a tradition to give a speech & man there were a lot of speeches. But they were a lot of fun since they were given by a lot of their friends from all over the world, who told great stories about these 2. Jenny & Sondre love hard, care much, travel a lot & definitely know how to have a good time till the morning light. 

The wedding weekend ended with a lit hike with the whole hungovered party crew. We all got rewarded for the hard hike with a breathtaking view over Hordaland & it’s Fjords. 

I will never ever get enough of this country & I still cant believe I had the chance to be part of a wedding in such a beautiful part of this world . Is this even real life? Norway my love!





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