Wild & Free | Ana Fernweh | Destination Wedding Photographer

Wild & Free will always be my purpose. I can’t stress it out enough. This is how I live & this is how I shoot. When I can run free, the best ideas come to me. Being forced doing something that doesn’t fit my pursue, will always limit my work & creativity.

As with photography,  most of the time I’m a lucky bitch and the wild & free couples find me.

I’m not into traditions, neither do I care about your decoration.

I’m into people who do things differently. The wild ones, with edges & flaws, who don’t care about the rules, but care about art & creating memories.

I’m into catching the raw moments & the real emotions, like when your mom shares a tear with you.

Wild & Free | Ana Fernweh | Destination Wedding Photographer

Natural connections & deep feelings are what I love most. Connecting with couples who are honest & don’t try to play a role, who don’t give a damn about how their hair looks or if they get wet, is what I will always seek for.

I will always get inspired by your love. No matter if you are shy, open, introvert, quirky, sarcastic, genuine or loving

Wild & Free | Ana Fernweh | Destination Wedding Photographer

I will always look for the wild ones.


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