Garden wedding at Janson Bernhard winery, Pfalz Natalie & Sebastian

Natalie & Sebastian’s garden wedding at Janson Bernhard winery in Zellertal, Pfalz has been one of my first weddings this year. 

The Janson Bernhard winery is one of my all time favorites wedding location, where I already shot a few wedding before & loved it every time. The owners are the nicest people & mrs. Bernhard does THE BEST wedding decoration. Every time I come to the Janson Bernhard winery for a wedding, she surprises me with the most beautiful table setting & flower decoration. She is such a genius. I love this wedding location so much, first because of the people & second because it feels like getting away for a one day vacation. The Janson Bernhard winery does not only have an old romantic wine cellar, where the dinner takes place when the weather isn’t that stable but it also has a huge romantic garden, where the garden wedding ceremonies & the receptions take place. It’s THE BEST place to have a romantic summer garden wedding. 

Unfortunately Natalie & Sebastian weren’t that lucky with the weather & couldn’t do their summer garden wedding like they planned. It started to rain while they got ready & stopped during the couple session & finally ended after dinner. 

They still got the best out of their garden wedding & spent their afternoon with their family & friends in the locations cabin & didn’t care about the rain. In fact Natalie told me weeks after the wedding, she didn’t even care or notice the rain on her wedding day just because she was full of love & excitement for Sebastian & their perfect day.  Your day doesn’t have to be perfect to be perfect. You & your happiness make it perfect, not the weather or insignificant details that don’t even count a year from now. 

Thank you to Natalie & Sebastian for being such cool & relaxed babes throughout the whole wedding process & for making me feel like being part of the guest list.  They showed me so much love & affection during & after their wedding. I knew from our first meeting when we instantly clicked & that we’re going to be an awesome fit. 

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Venue: Janson Bernhard Winery

Dress: Anna Kara via Weiss zu Schwarz Oberursel

Shoes: Sessún

Catering: Annette Glücklich

DJ: Tom Röhrer aka Tonada

Florist: Mrs Bernhard


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