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Fall Wedding at Eselsmühle Stuttgart Debbi & Fabi

my first wedding in my favorite wedding location in town…the Eselsmühle Stuttgart
the last wedding of the season was one of my highlights this year. first it took place in the most cutest location in town …at the Eselsmühle Stuttgart.
second it took place during my favorite season…fall.
third, it was my sweet neighbors whose wedding I witnessed…Debbi from Cologne & Fabi from Stuttgart.
and last but not least, I could sleep in my own bed after the wedding….winner!
I would call it a perfect wedding season ending.
yesssss to fall weddings in town & a big yesssss to more weddings at the Eselsmühle Stuttgart, which by the way is an old mill with the most gorgeous cafe & restaurant & a very nice place to get married at. I haven’t photographed that many chicken, cats & donkeys in my life before than at this wedding. all the cute animals are running around the farmstead, so you can cuddle them
& yeah just take a billion pictures of them, because y’all know…they’re cute, right?
I was wishing for a while about having a wedding at Eselsmühle Stuttgart, so when Debbi told
me they’re gonna get married there & they are going to get married during fall, I knew the universe had my back. not only because of the location,  but also for this chilled & cool couple named Debbi & Fabi, who couldn’t be more relaxed about their wedding day.
I mean I’m always the lucky girl who gets all the cool & chilled bridal couples, but these 2 topped all of my chilled couples.
no stress, just a chilled couple, a chilled fall wedding, a chilled location & the best vendors.
Debbi was wearing a two piece dress by Noni, the gorgeous Shoes by Rachel Simpson & her flowers were made by flowersandfriends , our favorite little cafe & flower shop just around the corner from where we live.
And let’s not forget the most perfect October weather. If you know me, you know I love fall so much..I don’t need any other seasons. Just a beautiful fall…the Indian summer fall! so yeah here I am raving for more gorgeous fall weddings to come. as the seasons are changing, more & more couples decide to get wed during fall & I’m not mad about it. fall weddings for the win!

Fall Wedding at Eselsmühle Stuttgart | Ana Fernweh | Destination Wedding Photographer

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